Generosity Strategies & Tactics

Chris Willard, Director of Leadership Network's Generosity initiatives, talks with leaders at the cutting edge of the generosity movement in today's church. You'll learn great ideas and strategies from leading churches in the areas of transformation through a lifestyle of generosity. Listen to these lively discussions on how to develop effective strategies around the teachable moments in your services.
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Aug 17, 2017

We train disciples of Jesus to study their Bible, pray and share their faith. But where does teaching on stewardship and generosity fit in?

That may be the most vital missing link in our discipleship efforts, as we explore in the latest generosity podcast from Leadership Network with Executive Director of, Dr. Bobby Harrington.

Jun 19, 2017

Can you build a generosity culture in your church if your focus is solely on non-Christians? Is it possible to think you're acting in faith as you lead a church in the area of finances when you've  actually crossed the line to foolishness? Along with all the other demands of being a pastor of impact, do you need to be good with money, too?

Shawn Lovejoy, a former megachurch pastor and author of Be Mean about the Vision, and Jim Sheppard, founder and CEO of the church generosity consulting company, Generis, tackle these and other questions in the latest Leadership Network generosity podcast.


May 22, 2017

Campus pastors at multisite churches have plenty of plates to keep spinning. So many, in fact, that a vital one may get missed.

In this latest Leadership Network generosity podcast, Chris Willard discusses with Mike Schirle, the East Campus Pastor for Discovery Church in Orlando and leader of stewardship ministry at Discovery's other campuses, some of the ways campus pastors can develop a heart and culture of generosity at their campus site.

May 1, 2017

In our efforts to lead people in our churches toward lives of generosity and to honor God with their finances, we might have unknowingly created an “imbalanced narrative”—an uneven story that is keeping us from living lives of radical generosity in all areas of life, not just money.

In his latest Leadership Network generosity podcast, Chris Willard discusses three powerful reasons to lead our churches to focus on holistic generosity—a life that gives of our essence like Jesus and not just our excess.

Feb 14, 2017

You've realized that having a generosity and stewardship ministry is a major need at your church but where do you start? When you view the landscape and see all the great programs to help people master this vital area of discipleship, how do you start tackling this ministry giant?

In this Leadership Network Article, Chris Goulard of Saddleback Church offers some great principles for getting started.

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